The Body Shop Haul :)…

The body shop 50% sale is going on..i wanted to get the bodyshop virgin mineral creamy compact as it was on sale i went to the body shop counter and asked SA for it..he told me that my shade is not available and the product is discontinued.. i was little depressed as i read a lot of good reviews about the creamy compact (it comes with cute brush applicator,it’s so cute..really wanted that applicator actually.. :p)…

As i didn’t get what i wanted i checked the other products and grabbed these goodies…

  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Rs 695) :   Tea tree products are good for acne I got pimples on my face i got this one. This was not on sale. Check for full review here.
  • The Body Shop Almond Body Butter(Rs 1095- 50% off so got for Rs 550 i guess) : This is my first TBS Butter. Loving this < has a faint smell of almond..the SA told me it is a limited edition one.. he suggested me to get the shower gel in the same range ( which i didn’t get..regretting now..bad decision :(.. )
  • The Body Shop Lip Balm Honeymania (Rs 354): Limited was not on sale. Click here for a full review on honeymania lip balm.
  • The Body Shop Bath Gloves (Rs 395) : They were not on sale but you can get them online for 50% these ❤ ❤ gloves so much..they are very easy to use compared to the Loofah..
  • The Body Shop Shower Gel (Rs 620 (not sure but something around 600):  I should have got the almond shower gel instead of its winter and these are not enough to moisturize the skin.. i should use a moisturizer after using these..The SA told me that the almond shower gel moisturises the skin enough and we don’t have to use lotion after using it,if u have normal skin.  Anyways these are the four shower gels i got in one pack..

they came in a nice cute packaging which looked like a house..i destroyed it before taking the pictures.. 😛


Strawberry — Rs 225

Indian Night Jasmine –Rs 275

Madagascan Vanilla Flower –275

Japanese Cherry Blossom–325


i paid only something around 620 for these..isn’t it cool..  click here to grab your favorite body shop products for 50% sale and for more offers..<3 ❤




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