The Body Shop Honeymania and strawberry Lip Balm

I have never tried The Body Shop Lip Balm so i asked the SA to suggest me something.. the SA told me ” Honeymania is a limited edition one and it works it is limites edition you can’t find it later but the rest you can try whever you want “. So i was satisfied with his answer and got the honeymania..

I actually wanted the strawberry lip balm which i have tried from my friend.. The strawberry lip balm gives a soft pinkish tint to the lips and also hydrates the lips. It is one of the best selling product of  Body shop. It smells yummy and you can’t resist licking also gives a nice glossy finish to the lips and moisturize them well..

But the reason why got the Honeymania is i thought it will bring real pinkness to my lips unlike the strawberry one..hehe… ( I had high Expectations on the product.. :p )

Okay,now i will tell you my experience about honeymania..

  • It’s quite moisturizing and makes the lips soft and supple.
  • It does not give any tinted color and best for applying at night times.
  • Regular use can make the lips pink (not very pink. you will notice the difference after 1 week of usage ).
  • It tastes and smells like honey !!!  (i tried licking it ..hehe..:P )

Here comes the bad stuff..

  • It doesn’t absorb into the lips. It just stays on top of the lips like a coat.
  • It comes in a tub packaging which is unhygienic and it goes into the nails.
  • Expensive

The Body Shop Strawberry lip balm :

I have already spoken about the good things of this lip balm..

now lets see what’s bad !!

  • It gives a nice glossy finish but hardly stays for 30 minutes.
  • As it doesn’t stay long have to keep applying.
  • This comes in a tub packaging too..unhygienic , goes into nails..

Overall my personal opinion after the experience with these lip balms is they are good but quite expensive..instead of spending so much on these, better to get the maybelline lip balms ❤ < here for maybelline lip balm.

So thumbs down for The Body Shop.. ( Note : This is my personal opinion considering the cons and the price. )..

Thanks for reading.. ❤ <3…



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