The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


The Body Shop Tea Tree OIl

The Body Shop Tea Tree OIl

Pimples are the worst problem for anyone..i have pimples on my face from the past 2 months..i have been trying everything but nothing works…it is really frustating to have those irritating marks and bumps on my face..

I have heard that tea tree oil is the best solution for clearing pimples. Tea tree oil will remove the excess oil and dry out pimples.
after reading a lot about tea tree uses i wanted to tryout tea tree products..i wanted to start with tea tree oil which is very effective.

I got The Body Shop Tea Tree oil which was Rs 695. i was hesitant to get this at first as it was quite expensive but then The Body Shop is providing one of the best Tea tree oil in had to get it..#sighhh…

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

I apply it before going to bed with cotton bud and then wash my face the next morning. Don’t apply this all over face as it will dry out the skin.  It actually reduces the size of the pimples with 2 to 3 days of usage but it won’t help to completely eliminate pimples from the face ..and it didn’t help for scars either (anyways it is for pimples not for scars )..

If you have just 1 or  2 pimples on your face ..this might be useful for clearing them..i think its worth the price as it comes a long way..

Note : I hate the cap which comes with the has child lock.. LoL… The SA at The Body Shop taught me how to open the cap..i opened it there..he clapped when i did that (ROFL….)..but i could not open after coming home. I nearly broke the, please try to open the cap in the shop..if you can’t open learn from The Body Shop people and then go home..  Have a nice time 🙂 :)..



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