MAC Sculpt Shade and Line

Hi guys

Today I am going to share my experience on MAC Studio Sculpt  Shade and Line eyeshadow.


MAC introduced an innovative new product in the market, with a three-in-one palette featuring two eye shadows and one matte eyeliner.
The formula is unique. It has Matte, Sparkle and Metallic – all in one pan, giving you the freedom to experiment with multiple looks and finishes for a sculpted, 3D effect.  Available in eight colour combinations, with hues from soft pink and coral to deep plum and olive.

I own the olive-blend in this collection.

MAC Sculpt Shade and Line


MAC Sculpt Shade and Line

The Studio Sculpt Shade & Line Eyeshadows can be used wet “for a defined look with super-saturated colour” or dry for “medium buildable coverage.” Each shade comes housed in the larger MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow pots so they are about twice the size of a regular size eyeshadow packaging.

How did I buy this one ?

I was actually looking for an eyeshadow for everyday wear in MAC. I was confused with all the colours over there, so I asked the girl in the counter to help me. Then she showed me this 3 in one eyeshadow palette and told me that it comes for only Rs 1500. I literally jumped there because I went to buy an eyeshadow for Rs.990 and here I am getting 3 eyeshadows for Rs 1500 and All the colour combinations were beautiful.

here comes the problem!!

I was again confused..i didn’t know which one will suite me (over excited). I asked her to help me again. She was wearing the olive-blend and told me to try that. She was fair skinned and olive-blend looked great on her. Since I have medium skin tone, I was hesitant but tried. Surprisingly, it was nice on me too. She tried two more shades on me the violet-blend and espresso-blend. As i was looking for an everyday wear I went for the olive-blend. The Other two shades I tried were amazing too. The violet-blend was a really nice colour. Girl’s who like pink eyeshadow would love that palette. It has a light white-pink/deep, violet/iridescent and cool pink (pearl/matte).

My Experience with the product :

3 colours for Rs 1500 is really something. you can use as an eyeshadow, for highlighting the brows, for defining the eyes and you can use the color in the crease too.
you should definitely use an eyeprimer if you want the colors to show up well on your eyes.

The olive blend is really good for everyday wear. It won’t give you a dramatic look. The colour will make your eyes look bright.. In my Olive-blend palette I have a dirty olive matte, this is very useful for me. If i don’t want to wear eye makeup and go simple, I just wear my khol and then take the dirty olive matte (in the middle) to draw a thin line on top of it with an angled brush on my upper and lower lashline just to give my eyes some definition and smudge it. It looks perfect on me.

MAC Sculpt Shade and Line


 Dowside of the product :

The application was tough for me.They are dry and apply very patch on the lid. I was unable to get an even, smooth finish on my lid. Blending them was really tough..after application on my eyelids it looked like I did a poor blending. The formula is just too stiff nothing like MAC’s permanent range of eyeshadows. Lining my eyes with the liner provided was also a tough job for me.

-The price
-The combination of colours in each palette are amazing.
-The packaging is travel friendly
-The staying power is excellent.


-Should wear an eye primer for sure if you want the colors to showup well. I won’t have time to wear eye primer and all sometimes. ( May be because I have medium skin I happened to wear a primer. If you are fair don’t consider this as a drawback )
-The application is quite difficult.
-The formula is stiff.
-Difficult to blend.
-Dry and apply patchy on the lid


MAC Sculpt Shade and Line


Here is a list of the eight colour combination’s:

EBONYBLEND white frost/carbon black/dirty blue-grey (pearl/matte)

VIOLETBLEND light white-pink/deep violet/iridescent cool pink (pearl/matte)

EGGPLANTBLEND soft light pink/deep plum/dirty silver-grey (pearl/matte)

ROSEBLEND dirty washout pink/dirty blue-plum/metallic bright gold (pearl/matte)

APRICOTBLEND champagne beige/dirty berry brown/warm coral peach (pearl/matte)

OLIVEBLEND rich rose-gold/deep olive green/ dirty olive (pearl/matte)

ESPRESSOBLEND rich penny-copper/charcoal black/warm brown (pearl/matte)

INDIGOBLEND soft, clean sky blue/deep blue-teal/deep plum (pearl/matte)

Overall verdict :

It is a nice 3 in one palette from MAC. It stays on the eyelids for 5 to 6 hours easily ( you know about MAC;) ). The colour combinations are good. But I don’t recommend this to you guys considering the drawbacks of the product and i am definitely not getting again.The formula was just too bad.

Rating : 3/5

Did you try the MAC Sculpt Shade and Line ?? What was your experience ??


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