My Jewellery shopping

Today I am going to show you my latest jewellery shopping..Don’t think i got so many just a few 😉



These earrings are my favorite one’s over the rest of the things i bought. I got these for Rs 250 in a shop near my house (Street Shopping ).



I bought these earrings in the same shop which is next to my house..i liked these so much in the shop but by the time i reached home and open the packet , these were broken.. i don’t know how 😦  Price Rs 210.


The ring and the hoop earrings i got from life style.. the hoop earrings are bought by someone special 😉 . You know what i call the hoop earrings ? Big round earrings..hehe.. I didn’t know what to call them before. so i named them big round ear rings and i still call them like that. :p


The bracelet is also from lifestyle. Don’t remember the price exactly.. it was something around Rs 340 .

Hope you all enjoyed the post.. ❤ ❤







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