Maybelline Diamond Glow eye shadow palette Copper Brown : Review, Swatch

maybelline eyeshadow quad

The Maybelline Diamond Glow eye shadow palettes Copper Brown is the neutral palette in this range. This is a basic brown palette which will suit all indian skin types. It is a wonderful palette for creating a simple party look for any kind of occasion.  There are other 8 shades in this range. All the eyeshadow palettes have shimmer colors only in them,no matte shades.


 My Experience With The Product

The eyeshadow’s are smooth in texture but they are powdery . The two lighter shades are more powdery than the other two shades. They are not very pigmented. They look soft on the eyes. Primer is needed if u want them to last for more than 4 hours. They have soft shimmers and a pearly finish. It neither gives you a sparkling shimmery look nor matte. It gives you a nice satin finish which is what i like in this. Glitters are not chunky so it is easy to blend.The fallout is less when compared to other budget palettes like faces etc. But yes,fallout is there.They feel soft and smooth but you need a lot of product. If you have oily lids creasing appears in 3 hours.

Golden Brown is for the outer corner of the eye. Bronze gold on the lid. Peach gold can also be worn on the lid or as a highlighter.
Pale gold is the highlighter. you can use this near the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eye.

maybelline diamond glow eyeshadow palette

The packaging is slim. It is handy for travelling. I quite like the packaging. It’s very easy to carry and will be useful for touchup’s.

maybelline eyeshadow quad brush

The palette comes with a dual sided applicator as shown in the above picture. It is easy to use these eyeshadows with this applicator as it holds the product properly or you need a dense brush for application. Be careful when you pic up the product as the texture of the eyehadow is powdery, it kick’s up a lot of excess product.

maybelline eyshadow quad

Overall Verdict

The Maybelline Diamond Glow eye shadow palette Copper Brown is a descent palette for beginners to start with. It imports a soft glow to the eyelids. It looks sophisticated not overdone. Best used with a sponge applicator. Primer is necessary. The staying power is less.The eyeshadows are not well pigmented and they are powdery.

Price: Rs 500 (when i got, it was Rs 375 )
You can get it from Nykaa at a price of Rs 383 (15% off) 

Rating: 3/5


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