My skin care routine to get rid of Acne

hello everyone,

Today i am going to share the routine i followed from the last few weeks to get rid of my acne.

I had severe issues with acne from the last 3 months. I consulted doctors used medication, used a lot of acne creams. I tried everything but nothing worked for me. The medicines used to make my skin and lips very dry. They did, work but i did not want to use them anymore because using a lot of medicines gives side effects.

The routine i am going to suggest is super simple and cheap.

I am going to talk about two most popular acne treatments that “did not” work for me. If you want to just read what i did to reduce my acne skip this and just scrolle down.

Tea Tree Oil (The Body Shop) : Rs 695

I used to the tea tree oil for several days. It made the size of the pimple small but the skin used to become dry and it stings. Somehow i didn’t feel like using it anymore so i stopped using it. CLICK HERE to read the full review.

Laroche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] : 23$ (not sure)

This is a great product for acne. It used to see it’s effects just in one night. The first two days i was really happy that it is working but after that my skin started becoming really dry and some kind off small bumps started showing up on my face. It made my face look horrible. I stopped using this and the small bumps are gone.

We should use this only on the pimple i think not on the entire acne effected area like i did. Anyways don’t wanna try this because i have a better plan to kill my acne. 😉

My Routine

What i am following is really simple

      1. Drink a lot of water ( trust me it changes your world)

poshfeastI tried drinking more water than I usually drink but it was tough for me. So along with water I started drinking coconut water which is amazing for health and tastes wonderful at the same time.

2. I applied tooth paste on my acne before i go to bed and sometimes even in the day time when i am home.


3. Wash your face ONLY twice a day or once a day. If you wash it too much it will enhance the acne (we don’t want that).
4. Don’t forget to moisturize your face it is really important. You have oily skin ?? Still don’t stop. It makes your skin smooth, protects from wrinkles and there are lot of advantages.
5. Use an anti dandruff shampoo.

Best shampoo for anti dandruff in budget is Head and shoulders but it makes your hair rough and life less. so make sure, you use a conditioner and also oil your hair before shampooing.

6. Don’t eat too much oily food or junk food. If i eat too much oily or junk food i will definitely see a pimple on my face the next day.

That’s it simple and easy. I followed this for 1 week i just have acne scars now. Once my scars are gone i will do a post for scars too.

What did you do to get rid of acne ?? Please share the routine which worked for you in the comment section below!!


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