Chamber Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

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Today I am going to be reviewing about Chamber Rouge Plump+ lipstick in the shade 771.

Chambers Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Chambers Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Price : Rs. 745

I am not going to talk too much non-sense today. I ll get to the point directly. It is a beautiful nude from chambor. It is really hydrating on the lips. The texture is very creamy that it just glides on the lips when we apply it. It’s really good for women with dry lips. It doesn’t get patchy and also won’t stain the lips because of its creamy texture. The packaging is convenient. It is slim and compact, easy to carry in purse.

Chamber Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Chamber Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Now lets see the downside of the lipstick

It won’t give any plumping effect and it doesn’t stay for longer time as the company claims. It stays for a good 3 hours if you don’t touch it. The lipstick completely gets wiped off after a meal. It has the similar smell like other chamber products. It is not unpleasant . The biggest drawback of this lipstick is the staying power. I had the same staying problem with other chamber lipsticks too, so didn’t wanna try this but got it for the colour .

I really love the shade. I felt it’s a bit pricey because of the drawback. I thought I ll get a MAC one instead of this so that it will stay for a longer period. But I couldn’t find the exact shade in MAC. I liked this colour so much that I went back to chamber and got this one .( I told myself that its from a different range so it might stay for longer but sadly it didn’t ).

Quick tip:

Nude shades are in trend now. The 771 is a proper nude. You can wear it as it is if you like or you can make it a rosy nude if you want or even a brownish nude or…(it goes on..) . Not only with chamber you can do this with any neutral nude of any  brand.
I ll tell you how to do is very easy actually..most of you woul have already know this technique..

Step 1: Line your lips with a pink liner and smudge

Step 2: Apply the lipstick on top of it and smudge again.

I used the Bourjois Prune Caresse (17) as the liner and Chambers Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771).

It looks like this..

It looks like this..

If you want brown or some other shade of nude, you can do the same and get the nude shade you want. This way you can buy get different shades of nude without having to buy lots of lipsticks.

I know most of you already know this. I mentioning this in my post for the people who are new to makeup, just to help them to save their money without buying lots of nude shades.

Overall Verdict

The chambers rouge plump+ lipstick has a great texture and really hydrating. If you have very dry lips, you should definitely give
this one a try.It doesn’t stain but it doesn’t stay long on the lips if you eat/drink.

Rating: 4/5

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