How to make your own eyeshadow primer..

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Today I am going to teach you how to make your own eye primer..

*This is not my own idea..i actually learnt it from someone..i thought it will be useful for you guys…so i decided to share with you..

Firstly you guys should know this..

The eye primer I am going to show you now is not a great can use this if you don’t have an eye primer and you are not ready to invest on an eye primer. This formula will serve you for the basic purpose and it will give you all the benefits that an eye primer should.. you should definitely give this formula a try if you don’t have one.

If you don’t know what is an eye primer. here is a quick explanation about eye primer

Eye shadow primer are often a multi purpose products, the most important purpose of an eye primer is to give an eye shadow is staying power.
Some people find that creases appear in their eyeshadow during the day. These creases are the result of movements of the eyelid that are the result of simply blinking and normal eye movements. Eyeshadow primer works to keep these creases from appearing and can also help to boost the vibrancy of the eyeshadow color.

Now let’s see how to make your own eye primer..

Things you require for making this are:

  • Liquid Foundation or bb cream
  • Body butter or body lotion
  • Concealer (optional)
  • Small container
  • Brush
container and a brush

container and a brush




Products Used by me:

  • Garnier bb cream
  • Nivea whitening Body Lotion
  • Maybeline Concealor

I am using bb cream to make the eye primer here. I opted for the bb cream because, I thought most of you might be having a bb cream with you guys for sure if not a foundation ( bb creams are kind off must haves these days for everyday makeup. right ? ).

You need a container to store your eye primer and a brush to mix all together.

Concealer is optional.. you can use it if you want or you can totally skip it.. i used a concealor while making primer for this post (that doesn’t mean that you have to use).




Step 1: Squeeze a little bit of foundation or a bb cream in the container.

Step 2: A very tiny amount of body butter or body lotion ( don’t add too will become too liquidy..that’s not good for                            applying )

Step 3: Add a little amount of concealor to it.

Step 4 : Mix all together.

This is how it will look like

This is how it will look like

You can keep adding again and again until you get the right amount of quantity you want..
That’s are ready to go..

can you see the difference ??

can you see the difference ??

Tip :

If you have a foundation or a bb cream or a concealor which doesn’t match your skin can make an eye primer and use them without throwing.

Foundation works better than bb cream for making the eye primer. If you don’t have foundation that’s fine too.. (don’t worry)


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Chamber Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Hi everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing about Chamber Rouge Plump+ lipstick in the shade 771.

Chambers Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Chambers Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Price : Rs. 745

I am not going to talk too much non-sense today. I ll get to the point directly. It is a beautiful nude from chambor. It is really hydrating on the lips. The texture is very creamy that it just glides on the lips when we apply it. It’s really good for women with dry lips. It doesn’t get patchy and also won’t stain the lips because of its creamy texture. The packaging is convenient. It is slim and compact, easy to carry in purse.

Chamber Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Chamber Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771)

Now lets see the downside of the lipstick

It won’t give any plumping effect and it doesn’t stay for longer time as the company claims. It stays for a good 3 hours if you don’t touch it. The lipstick completely gets wiped off after a meal. It has the similar smell like other chamber products. It is not unpleasant . The biggest drawback of this lipstick is the staying power. I had the same staying problem with other chamber lipsticks too, so didn’t wanna try this but got it for the colour .

I really love the shade. I felt it’s a bit pricey because of the drawback. I thought I ll get a MAC one instead of this so that it will stay for a longer period. But I couldn’t find the exact shade in MAC. I liked this colour so much that I went back to chamber and got this one .( I told myself that its from a different range so it might stay for longer but sadly it didn’t ).

Quick tip:

Nude shades are in trend now. The 771 is a proper nude. You can wear it as it is if you like or you can make it a rosy nude if you want or even a brownish nude or…(it goes on..) . Not only with chamber you can do this with any neutral nude of any  brand.
I ll tell you how to do is very easy actually..most of you woul have already know this technique..

Step 1: Line your lips with a pink liner and smudge

Step 2: Apply the lipstick on top of it and smudge again.

I used the Bourjois Prune Caresse (17) as the liner and Chambers Rouge Plump+ Lipstick (771).

It looks like this..

It looks like this..

If you want brown or some other shade of nude, you can do the same and get the nude shade you want. This way you can buy get different shades of nude without having to buy lots of lipsticks.

I know most of you already know this. I mentioning this in my post for the people who are new to makeup, just to help them to save their money without buying lots of nude shades.

Overall Verdict

The chambers rouge plump+ lipstick has a great texture and really hydrating. If you have very dry lips, you should definitely give
this one a try.It doesn’t stain but it doesn’t stay long on the lips if you eat/drink.

Rating: 4/5

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New Collection

My New Collection



Maybelline Color Show

Price: Rs.75

These 2 nail paints are my new buys  from maybelline. The Yellow one is called the “Sweet Sunshine 405” and the other one is “Mint Mojito 404”. These colours are very common these days.

In this range there are 40  different shades available in the market. I am in love with both the colour’s i got. I am going to get a pink one too.

This range let’s you mix match the colour’s.
The Nail colors have a gel-based formula for increased staying power.
Is chip-resistant and comes with an easy-flow brush.




Maybelline Dream Matte powder

Hi everyone !!
Today i am reviewing maybelline dream matte powder. this product was released in the “dream range”.
I was really eager to use this product since it is summer,matte compacts are the best in summers for oily skin(my skin is oily). Not only summers matte compacts are always good for oily skin because they give a shine free look by absorbing oil. The other reason why i was really eager was, maybelline is known for budget products but this powder is expensive when compared with the other maybelline products.

what does the company claims about the product ??

-Air-Soft matte perfection ( TRUE )
-Won’t clog pores (TRUE)
-Dermatologist tested

price :Rs 475 for 9g


Maybilline Dream Matee Powder : Medium (Beige)

Maybilline Dream Matte Powder : Beige (Medium)


It comes in four shades.

-Medium beige
-Medium sand
-Light cream
-Medium honey

I got the shade beige(medium) which has a little yellow undertone,only this one has yellow undertone in all the four shades. I think they should introduce more shades with yellow undertone because for indian skin tones it suits the best.

Product Description:

Its a finely milled powder with a ultra-fine particles,it has an ultra silky texture. The puff which comes with the compact is a suede-touch puff that aids even,effortless application.

How to use ??

Apply maybilline dream matee powder on your nose,cheeks and skin with the provided puff using gentle downward coverage gradually.set the powder by using a brush(optional).

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder : Begie (Medium)

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder : Begie (Medium)

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder : Begie (Medium)


It comes in a cream coloured compact packaging with a transparent lid. it has a bottom compartment  which consists of a mirror and a puff. The compartment swivels in and out easily, with this we can make out that it is travel friendly.

My Experienece With Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

I was really impressed with the packaging. I have a feeling that the compact is expensive because of the packaging.i have oily skin. It brightens the skin and gives me light coverage. It doesnot cover blemishes or acne marks.if you are looking for covering acne marks or blemishes this is not for you. I use this without foundation to get a fresh and polished look.

The puff is one of the main advantage of this compact. Even if we take more product with the puff it doesnot give a powdery look ,it blends in the skin easily.  The powder doesnot give a cakey look,it goes on gives a neat finish. Here comes the downside of the product it can control oil for easily 2 to 3 hours(not more than that if you have oily skin). if thats okay for you please dont consider this as a downside. If you have dry or combination skin it might stays longer.oily skin people would need to do a few
touch-ups for every two hours. Considering the price i expected it should control oil for a longer time.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder : Begie (Medium)

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder : Begie (Medium)

-Finely milled and soft texture
-It has a very convenient packaging
-Gives a nice matte finish withou giving a cakey look
-Doesnot clog pores
-Blends easily
-Gives good oil control for moderately oily or combination or normal skin types.

-It doesn’t provide proper oil control for very oily skin.
-Expensive (when compared with other maybelline products)


It comes as an expensive product from this brand. The packaging is very convinient to use and it is quite brilliant.the texture of the powder is smooth and finely milled. It gives a neat matte finish to the skin without giving a cakey look.the downside of the product is it controls oil for only 2 hours on oily skin. I recommend this for people with moderately oily/combination/normal skin. If you have extremely oily skin this maynot provide you proper oil control. Overall it is a good product for daily use.

Rating : 4/5

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Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

hi everyone This is going to be my first review. I am really excited about this. I hope you’ll like it. Let’s get started..

Today’s review is about “Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk” which is one of my favourite budget product to remove makeup. continue reading..